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Carrie's Creation

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Carrie's Aquamarine


Carrie's Aubergine


Carrie's Baby Blue


Carrie's Baby Pink


Carrie's Bubble Gum


Carrie's Caramel Apples


Carrie's Cherry Popsicle


Carrie's Chocolate Cream Pie


Carrie's Chocolates


Carrie's Creation Irish Kiss


Carrie's Desert Bloom


Carrie's Desert Sand


Carrie's Dusty Rose


Carrie's Electric Blue


Carrie's Fairy Dust


Carrie's Glory


Carrie's Goblin Green


Carrie's Gold Twist


Carrie's Grape Flip


Carrie's Grape Medley


Carrie's Groovy


Carrie's Hot Pink


Carrie's Jewel of the Nile


Carrie's Lilac


Carrie's Love Always


Carrie's Marc's Darling Girls


Carrie's Monarch


Carrie's Morning Glory


Carrie's Orchid


Carrie's Pink Taffy


Carrie's Prairie


Carrie's Purple Pansy


Carrie's Raspberry Swirl


Carrie's Sassy


Carrie's Sea Kelp


Carrie's Strawberry Sundae


Carrie's Sweet Dreams


Carrie's Twister


Carrie's Violet


Carrie's Warm Fuzzy


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