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The Stitcher's Garden


Needlework Expo 2021 Virtual Market

If you would like to reserve a pattern that you see, please email or call the shop and let us know the designer and the name of the pattern.   or    501-513-1851
***We are hoping that this will enable us to order more accurately to be sure that we have enough patterns for everyone who wants one. Please remember that we are purchasing a pattern specifically for you, in good faith, and we will be holding it for you until you complete your purchase.***
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Jeannette Douglas Designs Home Together Series #1: Home is Where Your Heart Is


Jeannette Douglas Designs Home Together Series #2: Home is the Place to Be


Jeannette Douglas Designs Let?s Do What We Love


Jonesey Stitching Alaska Summer Sampler Preview


Jonesey Stitching Egbert the Puffin


Jonesey Stitching For Good Luck


Jonesey Stitching Hank the Halibut


Jonesey Stitching On the Bright Side


Jonesey Stitching Unloved Flower


Kathy Barrick A Dutch Sampler


Kathy Barrick A Quaker Dwelling


Kathy Barrick Amelia Prescott and How Her Parents Did Educate Her


Kathy Barrick Bequeathment Labels


Kathy Barrick Colonial Girls & Their Dolls Needlework Labels


Kathy Barrick Pieces of Olde


Keslyn's Border Roll


Keslyn's Cross Stitch Fun


Keslyn's English Ivy


Keslyn's Focus Year


Keslyn's Poinsettia Ornament


Lilli Violette Easter Day


Lindy Stitches Edna Goes to Brunch


Lindy Stitches Hedgehog House


Lindy Stitches Jackelopian Tapestry


Lindy Stitches Limited Edition Eat Cake Pincushion Kit


Little Stitch Girl Pinch Proof


Little Stitch Girl Simply Sayin' March


Lucy Beam Love in Stitches Call for the Doctor


Lucy Beam Love in Stitches Cross Stitch Makes Everything Okayer


Lucy Beam Love in Stitches Ghosts & Pumpkins Drumroll


Lucy Beam Love in Stitches Halloween Under the Sea


Lucy Beam Love in Stitches I Will Poke You


Lucy Beam Love in Stitches She Wanted Honey


Luhu Stitches Pumpkin, Pumpkin


Luhu Stitches Singin' In the Rain


Luhu Stitches Springtime Peg


Luhu Stitches Summer Cottage


Luhu Stitches The Moo the Merrier: Flora Bloom


Luminous Fiber Arts Friendship Series: BFF Bunnies


Luminous Fiber Arts Gathering Clover


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