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The Stitcher's Garden




Diamond Dotz

Jim Shore

Mill Hill

spot colors


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Mill Hill JimShore Nordic Snowman JS20-1916


Mill Hill JimShore Puppy JS20-1915


Mill Hill JimShore Santa with Cardinal JS20-1913


Mill Hill JimShore Snowman with Cardinal JS20-1914


Mill Hill Make Things Grow ST15-1814


Mill Hill MH14-5304 Spiced Wreath


Mill Hill Painted Pumpkins Autumn Pumpkin MH16-2021


Mill Hill Painted Pumpkins Bewitching Pumpkin MH16-2024


Mill Hill Painted Pumpkins Persian Pumpkin MH16-2026


Mill Hill Patriotic Quartet MH14-1911 Stars and Stripes


Mill Hill Patriotic Quartet MH14-1912 Land of the Free


Mill Hill Patriotic Quartet MH14-1913 Home of the Brave


Mill Hill Patriotic Quartet MH14-1914 Life, Liberty


Mill Hill Spring Bouquet Collection Watermelon MH18-1914


Mill Hill Warmest Wishes JS20-1912


Mill Hill Without a Cat ST15-1812


Mirabilia Halloween Fairy kit


Mirabilia Thanksgiving Harvest Fairy kit


Needle Bling Get Your Witch On Scissor fob & pincushion Ltd Ed. kit


Nikyscreations Bobine Scissor Fob Kit


Nikyscreations Butterfly Limited Edition Kit


Nikyscreations Swan thread Keeper Kit


Nora Corbett Christmas Tree 2007 Kit


Nora Corbett Christmas Tree 2009


Nora Corbett Christmas Tree 2010 Kit


Nora Corbett The Floss Fairy kit


Nordic Needle Hardanger Beginnings Angel Design


Nordic Needle Tree Fandangle


Olde Colonial Designs A Little Sea Tree kit


Olde Colonial Designs Beach Roses


Olde Colonial Designs Blue Jay Kit


Olde Colonial Designs Cardinal Kit


Olde Colonial Designs Friends Are We kit


Olde Colonial Designs Needlework Keeper kit w/wooden jar


Olde Colonial Designs Patriotic Pillow


Olde Colonial Designs Polish Pins #5 Sweet Bird Kit w/pottery


Olde Colonial Designs Shepherd's Candle Kit


Olde Colonial Designs St. Nick's Paintbrush Kit


Olde Colonial Designs Sweet Petite Needlemind Kit


Olde Colonial Designs The Sparrow kit w/wooden jar


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