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The Stitcher's Garden


Betsy Ross Lambswool 10ct

Here is an example of how you order fabric on our website:

Stitch count: 120x140 stitched on 32 count over 2 threads

Divide 120 by 16 (since you're stitching on 32 count over 2) and you get: 7.5 (this is your design size) we add 6" to give you the 3" margin, so that equals 13.5. Then repeat with 140 - divide by 16 to get: 8.75 (design size) - add 6" for the margin to get 14.75.  So you need a piece of fabric that is 13.5 x 14.75 (We ask customers to email us this size). In order to fill in the quantity box, multiply 13.5 by 14.75 to get the total Square Inches of fabric needed  - this is the number to put in the quantity box.
13.5 multiplied by 14.75 = 199.125. Enter 199.125 in the quantity box and it will be multiplied by $0.06 per square inch, making your fabric cost $11.95.
 ***Please email, call or leave a note in the "notes" section online to let us know what actual dimensions you need us to cut.***
Be sure to note that if you choose a different fabric size, you'll be changing the size you need cut:
28 count - divide by 14
30 count - divide by 15
36 count - divide by 18
40 count - divide by 20
Or, just shoot us an email with the stitch count and what fabric you need and we'll calculate it and let you know how much to order!