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The Stitcher's Garden


Fern Ridge Swan Button Box

“We love spooky all year long!!! So we are bringing this handsome guy to Nashville with us. "Death Rose", while it sounds scary, is unique. There is a flower in the Snapdragon family named "death rose". In ancient times this flower was thought to have supernatural powers. It offered protection from witchcraft and was believed to restore beauty and youthfulness. As it begins to wither and fade, the center of the flower looks like a skeleton. It is so cool! Now that your education is complete..... The purple silk thread in this design was made especially for Death Rose by Treenway Silks. It is so beautiful that Susan is adding it to her "65 Roses" (go to Treenway Silks website and read about 65 Roses). A must have!!!“    -Fern Ridge